Reputami joins eKomi The Feedback Company

March 10, 2016 · 0 Comments

Startup Online-Reputation Online Reviews

At Reputami, we’ve worked hard to create the best online reputation management service for the hospitality industry. Now, we’re excited to join forces with eKomi The Feedback Company and bring the technology to even more professionals.

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CRM Segmentation for the Social Media era

May 08, 2015 · 0 Comments

Social Media Monitoring Online Reputation Management Influencer Marketing Influencer

In this age of Social Media it is imperative to build a great relationship with your customers. Why? Well, think of channels like Facebook or Twitter as „digital-megaphones“ your customers use to spread their messages not only fast - but wide. Unsurprisingly, online word-of-mouth can make - or break - a product.

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Coming Soon: Location-based Twitter

March 23, 2015 · 0 Comments

Social Media Monitoring Twitter Foursquare Location-based Services

The Status Quo:

Until today tweets on Twitter have usally not been tagged with a location. The reason is the insufficient database of locations to choose from.

I try to tag my tweets with locations as often as possible, but in most cases the best option to choose is the city I am in. No point of interest and no hotels or restaurants available.

That's also the reason why we only just recently released Twitter as a data source in Reputami. Currently you can "only" monitor @replies and text search terms like "Hilton Las Vegas", but not locations.

But that might chance in a not so distant future!

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Introducing the all-new Semantic Topic Analysis

March 18, 2015 · 0 Comments

Semantic Analysis Features Topic Analysis

What happened so far:

Last year we announced Reputami's Topic Analysis. A semantic analytics tool that enables hotels and restaurants to get insights from their review data for a variety of ~10 hospitality-related topics.

Our customers love it. It is like knowing what your guests think, without asking them directly. Topic Analysis gave our customers the ability to measure the guest satisfaction in their hotels by simply asking them for reviews.

Reputami would do the rest: Read, understand and analyse all reviews – in a matter of seconds

But last year's release was just the beginning!

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Apple Watch - A game changer in hotel technology?

March 09, 2015 · 0 Comments

Influencer Marketing Foursquare Digital Guest Customer Search

Today Apple has unveiled the last missing details for its new wearable product, the Apple Watch. By the end of April you will see Apple Watches on the wrists of many people.

Including the wrists of your guests. Smartwatches will be everywhere soon and our guess is that Apple will once lead the space.

The impact on hotels is so obvious that Apple even included a hotel-related demonstration in the keynote presentation showing how to use Apple Watch to unlock a hotel room door.

Gone are the days of keys. Even the key card looks ancient compared to this beautifully crafted piece of technology.

So will the Apple Watch be a game changer in hospitality technology?

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Announcing Twitter for Hotels and Restaurants

March 09, 2015 · 0 Comments

Influencer Marketing Twitter Features Digital Guest

Twitter Monitoring is now part of Reputami Online Reputation Management Suite.

It is by far the most requested feature in the history of Reputami and today we are shipping it. Twitter is hatching inside the Reputami Suite and is now available in all product plans.

With the new Reputami Twitter Integration you can monitor any mention on Twitter. Easily set up your monitoring to keep an eye on:

  • your @replies
  • Hashtags like #YourHotelName
  • search terms like "hotel room London"

Reputami will also keep you up to date on all pictures that are included in tweets about your hotel or restaurant.

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Elevate Your Hotel's OTA Rankings

March 05, 2015 · 0 Comments

Online Reputation Management Online Reviews OTA

It's 2015, most people who want to book a hotel look at reviews of different hotels before actually making a booking at one hotel. And when deciding between a few hotels with similar offers, they are most likely going to choose the one with the best overall rating.

If your hotel is not on top of the search results at OTA sites you are most likely missing out on a lot of potential guests. And this means revenue!

But don't despair. It's not too late yet.

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Reputami Tips & Tricks: Increase your direct bookings

February 11, 2015 · 0 Comments

Booking Tips & Tricks Hotel Website

A huge chunk of online hotel bookings over the last few years have been done via Online Travel Agencies, not websites of individual hotels.

For tourists, there are some big advantages with Online Travel Agencies: They can search for hotels according to specific criteria, search results are presented in a neatly arranged and easy to understand view and there are loads of possibilites to compare. For hotel managers, those OTAs also have some advantages: They can present their hotel in an appealing way and get potential guests interested in their property. 

But the disadvantages are obvious: Not all of the guest's money goes directly to the hotel, the OTA also cashes in. Therefore, hotel directors are well advised to not only optimise their presence on those channels, but also work on their own website and make it a place where potential guests want to complete a booking.

In this blog post we share some information on how to increase the number of direct bookings.

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Free Slidedeck: The Digital Guest

February 07, 2015 · 0 Comments

Influencer Marketing Influencer Digital Guest

About the talk:

At Reputami we built software for hospitality professionals all over the world to enrich their guests experiences, increase customer satisfaction and interact with their most valuable guests online.

Everything we do focuses on the "Digital Guest". The Guest that is online. Before his stay at the hotel, while his is on site and afterwards when he is back home.

In our talk we showed what defines the "Digital Guest" and what it takes to exceed his expectations.

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How the all-new Foursquare will affect the hospitality industry

August 07, 2014 · 0 Comments

Online Reputation Management Foursquare Location-based Services Online Reviews

Yesterday Foursquare Inc. released the new major version 8.0 of their venue recommendation app.

Since 2009 Foursquare was well known for their Check-ins – a digital way of telling my own network where I am at the moment.

Five years later, Foursquare’s user base has generated more than 6 Bn Check-ins and over 50 million tips (Foursquare’s version of an online review).

With this huge amount of data, Foursquare’s recommendation engine is most likely the smartest app to tell a guest what restaurant or hotel he will like, taking his own behaviour and taste and the opinions of the complete Foursquare network in consideration.

The well-known Check-in feature is now excluded from the main app and finds itself in its own featured app called “Swarm“.


What does this shift mean for the hospitality industry?

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